(Image courtesy of FDA)

The number of coronavirus cases in Santa Clara County rose past the 2,000 mark as of April 24, as the county led all other counties in the Bay Area in cases and deaths, with 98. 

Regionwide, more than 7,200 cases and 251 deaths caused by COVID-19 have been reported by county health departments. About 1,200 cases and 50 deaths were reported in the last week.

Here’s how the counties ranked by number of COVID-19 cases as of Friday, April 24.1. Santa Clara County — 2,0182. Alameda County — 1,4013. San Francisco — 1,3404. San Mateo County — 9895. Contra Costa County — 7866. Sonoma County — 2167. Marin County — 2098. Solano County — 1919. Napa County — 58Life will not return to normal for a very long time in Santa Clara County, the county’s health officer, Dr. Sara Cody, said in response to a question about whether the county’s stay-at-home order will extend beyond May 3, the current deadline. 

“Our population is not immune to this virus,” Cody warned. 

She said every new case of the virus is an ember that could spark a fire. 

“And that’s what we want to avoid,” she said.

She stopped short of directly answering the question of extending the stay-at-home order, saying instead that the county will take whatever measures that protect the most people.

Source: Bay Area county health departments