(Image courtesy of postcardstovoters.org)

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday could decide to ask Gov. Gavin Newsom to declare the November general election as a mail-ballot-only, to dispense with in-person polling places in the name of safety from the novel coronavirus.

According to a county staff report, 25 percent of Contra Costa County voters, approximately 175,000, vote in person. The “vast majority” of volunteers at those polling places are seniors, a group vulnerable to get the sickest from the coronavirus.

Volunteers who operate many polling locations have already notified the county Elections Office that they will not be available to serve in the November general election, because of health and safety concerns spurred by the virus.

County elections officials say there is a “current lack of state-level consensus on a plan of action” for the November general election, and that local officials need to know how to prepare for the election.

Preparations in Contra Costa, the county report says, are already underway. Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting will be done remotely.