Illustration of the coronavirus. (Rendering via CDC image library)

The number of new coronavirus deaths rose again in the Bay Area as of April 10, as a regional shelter-in-place order continued. 

Last week, 48 people died from the virus, compared with 44 the week before and 25 before that, according to data from county health officials.

Santa Clara County still has the most deaths since reporting began last month. Regionwide, 125 people have died from the virus. 

Here’s how the counties rank by numbers of deaths as of the morning of April 10.

Despite the growing number of deaths, Gov. Gavin Newsom said on Friday that sheltering-in-place is flattening the curve, which means fewer new cases of the virus. 

“Can’t stress this enough,” Newsom said on Twitter Friday afternoon. “Physical distancing is working. CA is flattening the curve.” 

Encouraging people to stay at home and to continue social distancing, Newsom said, “You have the power to literally save lives. … We can’t stop now.”

Source: Bay Area county health departments, Gov. Gavin Newsom/Twitter