Danville Farmers Market will reopen on Saturday, April 11, 2020, following a period during which it was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo courtesy of Danville Farmers Market/Facebook)

Editor’s note: The planned reopening of the Danville Farmers’ Market was postponed after this story was first published due to community concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak, city officials and the Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association said Friday.


The Danville Farmers Market will be open Saturday after being suspended in March due to the shelter-in-place order that was in effect because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to the Danville Police Department.

The market is held at the Railroad Avenue parking lot.

Danville and the Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association have worked to create guidelines under which the market could reopen.

Among the guidelines are limitations on the number of vendors and booths and a requirement of plenty of space between each booth. Non-essential vendors are banned, as are activities including entertainment, hot food and community booths.

Self-serving and sampling will not be allowed, the police said. Customers will not be able to touch sale items prior to purchase, and producers will not be able to touch customers’ reusable bags. Unpackaged food and cash will not be handled by the same person.

The restrooms will be closed, but there will be a hand washing station at the information booth.

In addition, police said, customers will be asked to wear masks, adhere to social distancing and follow any other regulations posted at the market.

A detailed list of Bay Area farmers markets and their current status can be found at the Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association’s website.