Bay Area Children's Theatre actress and teaching artist Amber Dickerson performs as Queen Gigglegoose in Geeseland in a scene from "Playdate with a Queen," one of several videos the theatre has produced offering online activities for young viewers. (Photo courtesy of Bay Area Children's Theatre)

To help keep kids occupied during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place, the Bay Area Children’s Theatre has launched an online “playborhood,” theatre executives said.

Each episode of “Creativity Corner” urges children to take part in the story and complete activities afterward. The activities are based on the episode and can be sent to the theatre, which will share examples online.

Amber Dickerson performs as Chef Olive in a scene from “Lunch with Chef Olive.”

“Since we can’t offer shows and classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve launched Creativity Corner to reach out to home-bound children, encourage them to use their imagination and connect them to other kids,” Nina Meehan, the theatre’s executive director said in a statement.

“Children need the hope, grace and creativity that the arts bring to the world, especially now!” Meehan added.

The theatre has completed four episodes, all with acting by actress and teaching artist Amber Dickerson as Queen Gigglegoose in Geeseland, an explorer traveling through a magical jungle-like land, Chef Olive in her kitchen and Meemeemay the Mermaid.

After each episode, children can download a creative “challenge” that can be completed on their own.

Meehan said more episodes are coming soon but the first four episodes are available online at