A group of teens from Oakland and Richmond visited London this month to teach technology to students there. (Photo courtesy of The Hidden Genius Project)

A group of teens from Oakland and Richmond traveled to London this month to participate in a model technology program in which they teach technology to their youth counterparts.

The six teenagers, who were accompanied by educators and chaperones, are part of The Hidden Genius Project, an Oakland-based youth development program that trains black males in technology, entrepreneurship and leadership.

The project was founded in 2012 by five black male technology entrepreneurs who recognized the high unemployment rate of black male youths and the abundance of career opportunities in the technology sector.

The program seeks to equip young black males with the skills, mentors, and experiences they need to thrive as entrepreneurs and technologists in a global economy.

A group of teens from The Hidden Genius Project made a similar trip to London last year.

The group visiting London this year hosted innovative tech slam workshops for youths of color there. The student-led workshops featured cultural discourse where students led presentations highlighting website and app designs.

One of the group’s big events included hosting a tech slam for 150 youths of color who are middle and high school students in the London area.

Another group of teens from The Hidden Genius Project led additional workshops this month for students in Johannesburg, South Africa.