(Photo by Alexis Chloe via Unsplash)

While dogs seem to be everywhere in the Bay Area, cats slightly outnumber canines in the region. 

The nine-county Bay Area was home to 1,906,771 pet cats in 2018. Dogs numbered 1,745,383, according to estimates by the American Veterinary Medical Association. The estimates are based primarily on human population figures coupled with census numbers that show just over half of Bay Area residents own a dog, and slightly more own cats. 

Here’s how the counties rank by the number of pet dogs.1. Santa Clara County — 439,4782. Alameda County — 373,485 3. Contra Costa County — 257,3814. San Francisco — 199,3555. San Mateo County — 173,888 6. Sonoma County — 112,6287. Solano County — 98,7128. Marin County — 58,9009. Napa County — 31,556 Why are there more pet cats than pet dogs? Deb Campbell, spokeswoman for San Francisco Animal Care & Control, said more landlords may be willing to accept cats than dogs. 

She also acknowledged that dogs may require more care, such as walks to the park two or three times per day. 

“There’s no cat park,” Campbell said. 

Source: American Veterinary Medical Association; Deb Campbell, spokeswoman, San Francisco Animal Care & Control