A BART platform digital sign. (Photo by BrokenSphere/Wikipedia)

BART riders returning to work after the long Labor Day weekend will see additional features on digital platform signs.

The new systemwide signs, which began operation at the end of August, will help riders know whether an approaching train is a legacy train with two doors or a Fleet of the Future train with three doors.

On BART’s new Fleet of the Future cars, the wheelchair area is located near the middle door.

In addition, details on scheduled trains that are canceled or removed from service will also be announced on platform signs.

Previously, the BART Trip Planner showed canceled trips, but the platform signs did not. The train would disappear from the signs and public service announcements would be made at the station.

The new feature will help those riders who may be deciding whether to wait for a less crowded train.

BART staff is also working to add “delayed” notices to the platform signs, for trains that are holding down the line.