A blue-throated piping guan chick at the San Francisco Zoo. (Photo courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo)

The San Francisco Zoo announced the hatching of a blue-throated piping guan, a vulnerable South American species of bird.

The chick, now 14 days old, is the first of its species to be born at the zoo, according to San Francisco Zoo officials.

Zoo staff is currently hand-rearing the chick, whose gender has not yet been determined, according to the zoo.

Zookeepers have not yet decided on a name for the chick, but its parents are named Cookie and Monster, zoo spokeswoman Nancy Chan said.

As an adult, the bird will display the species’ distinctive black plumage and blue throat, white facial skin and a baby blue beak.

San Francisco Zoo’s blue-throated piping guan population resides in its South American Tropical Aviary.