A barn owl is stranded on the side of a bridge in Foster City. (Photo courtesy of Peninsula SPCA)

A wayward barn owl that spent a few days stranded beneath a Foster City bridge has a new lease on life, thanks to some kind humans who gave a hoot.

Workers net the stranded barn owl. (Photo courtesy of Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA)

The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA reports that the owl was rescued from its watery island underneath the bridge at 900 Foster City Blvd. after a good Samaritan spotted it in distress. Workers from the humane society along with Foster City police orchestrated the rescue operation.

“A kind-hearted Foster City resident named Ross Sakata noticed a barn owl who was in the same place for two days under a bridge in Foster City and seemed unable to fly,” PHS/SPCA spokesperson Buffy Martin Tarbox said in a news release.

“The owl was in the water and only accessible by boat. Thanks to a quick thinking Foster City police officer, she contacted someone who was willing to donate his time and boat to venture into the water to save the bird,” Tarbox said.

Peninsula Humane Society Animal Control Officer Samantha Reynolds and Foster City Police Officer Katherine Perez rescue the stranded barn owl. (Photo courtesy of Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA)

The bird, who was under a year old, might have gotten stuck under the bridge after “running out of steam” while hunting and became too tired to fly away, Tarbox said.

The owl was captured by net, brought to shore, and transported to PHS/SPCA Wildlife Care Center for examination and treatment. It was found to be exhausted, dehydrated, and slightly hypothermic, according to the nonprofit.

PHS/SPCA staff put the bird in an incubator to warm up, and gave it fluids.

The animal protection organization said that the owl’s condition had improved, and that they will continue to monitor and treat it.