(Photo via Pixabay)

The controversial name of the Dixie School District and Elementary School in San Rafael was changed after a recent vote by the district’s Board of Trustees.

The board voted 3-1-1 on July 9 to rename the district the Miller Creek Elementary School District and the school the Lucas Valley Elementary School.

The name change follows months of meetings and controversy. Proponents of the name change argued the word Dixie recalled America’s era of slavery and the Confederacy in the South.

Dixie Elementary School has been renamed Lucas Valley Elementary School in San Rafael. (Photo courtesy of Miller Creek School District)

Those opposed to the change said Dixie referred to Mary Dixie, a Miwok Indian woman who had ties to James Miller, who built the first schoolhouse in San Rafael in 1864.

The Board of Trustees voted to change the name on April 16 and established a naming committee, which presented petitions for three names, Kenne, Creekside and Laurel Creek. Community members proposed changing the name to Miller Creek.

“We are thrilled to have these decisions made so we can start the year off on a positive note,” Board of Trustees President Brad Honsberger said. “We look forward to focusing our priorities on students in the coming years.”

The district aims to make the name change on signs, buses, the district’s website and logos before school starts on Aug. 22.

The Miller Creek Elementary School District serves 1,982 students in north San Rafael who attend three elementary schools and one middle school.