(Image courtesy of the NBA)

The Golden State Warriors might have a gig at every home game next season for Bay Area residents who love basketball and can play an instrument.

The team is expanding its entertainment program for the 2019-20 season that will include a band, a rebranded hype team and a special fan section.

Following in the footsteps of international soccer clubs, the Warriors are looking for fans who will be invited to attend a select number of games at a discounted rate to lead chants and cheers throughout the game in the new special fan section. Those interested can apply at warriors.com/fansection.

For both a small- and large-ensemble band, the team is looking for high-energy performers who play acoustic or electronic instruments, as well as singers and rappers. Those interested can apply at bdentertainment.com/warriors/auditions.

For the re-branded hype team, formally known as the Hoop Troop, the team is looking for athletic and passionate performers with specialized talents. Those interested can apply at warriors.com/hypeteam.

Besides the new additions, next season will include crossover performances featuring the Warriors Dance Team, Golden State Breaks, Hardwood Classics and Jr. Jam Squad.