Vaccination. (Photo by kfuhlert/Pixabay)
The share of kindergartners without all required vaccinations was the highest in Sonoma County, compared with other Bay Area counties, in 2017-18. 

Just over 8 percent of Sonoma County students didn’t have all their shots for school, compared with 6 percent in Marin County. Only 2.4 percent of students in Solano County were lacking in one or more vaccinations, according to the state Department of Public Health.   

Here’s how the counties rank by the percentage of kindergartners who were not vaccinated in 2017-18.1. Sonoma County — 8.2%2. Marin County — 6%3. San Francisco — 5.1%4. Napa County — 5%5. Contra Costa County — 3.7%6. Santa Clara County — 3.3%7. San Mateo County — 3.1%8. Alameda County — 2.9%9. Solano County — 2.4%[bar color=”Accent-Color” title=”1. Sonoma County” percent=”8.2″][bar color=”Extra-Color-1″ title=”2. Marin County” percent=”6″][bar color=”Accent-Color” title=”3. San Francisco” percent=”5.1″][bar color=”Extra-Color-1″ title=”4. Napa County” percent=”5″][bar color=”Accent-Color” title=”5. Contra Costa County” percent=”3.7″][bar color=”Extra-Color-1″ title=”6. Santa Clara County” percent=”3.3″][bar color=”Accent-Color” title=”7. San Mateo County” percent=”3.1″][bar color=”Extra-Color-1″ title=”8. Alameda County” percent=”2.9″][bar color=”Accent-Color” title=”9. Solano County” percent=”2.4″]Rohish Lal, spokesman for Sonoma County’s Department of Health Services, said the low vaccination rate is an issue in the county.

County health officials would not speculate why parents don’t want to vaccinate their children. Lal said the encouragement of a health care provider is more effective than a message from health officials.  

Dr. Brian Prystowsky, a pediatrician in Santa Rosa, confirmed that the low number of vaccinated children is a real problem in Sonoma County, and called it amazing that the area has not experienced an outbreak of measles.

When you drop below a 95 percent vaccination rate, “you’re going to see measles,” he said. “You need 95 percent.”

SourceCalifornia Department of Public HealthSonoma County Department of Health Services