(Photo by David Marcu/Unsplash)
Marin County on average gets more rainfall each year than any other county in the Bay Area.

Kentfield in Marin County gets nearly 48 inches of rain each year, according to the National Weather Service. For selected cities in each county, the North Bay counties of Sonoma and Napa are No. 2 and No. 3 on the list of regions with the most rainfall.

Here’s how the counties rank in terms of average rainfall in inches per year.


1. Marin County (Kentfield) — 47.98 2. Sonoma (Santa Rosa) — 32.20 3. Napa (Napa) — 27.71 4. Solano (Fairfield) — 24.815. San Francisco (Downtown) — 23.656. Alameda (Oakland International Airport) — 20.817. San Mateo (SFO) — 20.658. Contra Costa (Concord) — 18.129. Santa Clara (San Jose) — 14.90“The further north you go, the wetter it’s going to get,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Steve Anderson.

During the winter, the North Bay is closer to the storm track, which is north of the region, Anderson said. So more northern parts of the state are even wetter.  

Source: National Weather Service