The University of California is the premier public university system in California and the goal of many high school seniors, but UC campuses don’t enroll students equally across California. Opportunities vary widely across the state and even in the Bay Area.

Below are the percentage of 2016-17 public high school graduates in each county who enrolled in the fall 2017 freshman class at a University of California campus.1. San Francisco — 18.06%2. Alameda — 13.53%3. Santa Clara — 12.6%4. San Mateo — 11.11%5. Marin — 10.35%6. Contra Costa — 9.51%7. Napa — 6.89%8. Solano — 6.63%9. Sonoma — 5.32%[bar color=”Accent-Color” title=”1. San Francisco” percent=”18.06″][bar color=”Extra-Color-1″ title=”2. Alameda” percent=”13.53″][bar color=”Accent-Color” title=”3. Santa Clara” percent=”12.6″][bar color=”Extra-Color-1″ title=”4. San Mateo” percent=”11.11″][bar color=”Accent-Color” title=”5. Marin” percent=”10.35″][bar color=”Extra-Color-1″ title=”6. Contra Costa” percent=”9.51″][bar color=”Accent-Color” title=”7. Napa” percent=”6.89″][bar color=”Extra-Color-1″ title=”8. Solano” percent=”6.63″][bar color=”Accent-Color” title=”9. Sonoma” percent=”5.32″]The vast difference in enrollment rates — 1 in 5 graduates in San Francisco, down to 1 in 20 graduates in Sonoma County — are also reflected in application rates. The counties with the top five enrollment rates have application rates from 46 percent in San Francisco to 34 percent in San Mateo. Sonoma County has an application rate of 18.11 percent — barely higher than the 18.06 percent of San Francisco graduates who enrolled.

Source: University of California and California Department of Education

Daniel J. Willis