Santa Clara County, Oakland and 27 other cities, counties and governmental officials from around California filed legal documents Nov. 9 supporting the California Values Act — the state’s sanctuary law — from attack by the Trump administration.

The “friend of the court” brief was filed in the 9th District Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

“Federal courts all across the country are rejecting the Trump administration’s efforts to dictate how state and local governments can use their own resources,” said James R. Williams, Santa Clara County counsel, in a statement.

The Trump administration in March sued California over its “sanctuary” law, SB 54, which limits local law enforcement with federal immigration officials. In July, a United States District Court judge rejected most of the lawsuit. The Trump administration later appealed the July decision to the 9th District Court of Appeals, where the case currently remains.

Supporters of SB 54 say residents, regardless of their legal status, must feel free to speak with law enforcement officers to solve local crimes.

Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese said in a statement, “We won’t stand in the way of federal agents doing their jobs, but we need to support our local officers focusing on local issues.”

Story originally published by Bay City News.