Marin County residents are invited to grade the county government’s customer service.

The National Research Center will conduct the mailing of 3,200 surveys to randomly-selected residents this month. All other residents will participate in a survey in December.

“It’s valuable to ask residents for their opinion on services and their quality of life in Marin. This is an opportunity to hear how our residents are doing, to help us make decisions. Every voice matters, we encourage you to participate,” county Supervisor Damon Connolly said.

Pre-notification postcards in English and Spanish were mailed Nov. 7 to the first group of participants and the surveys will be shipped in two waves later this month.

Responses will be anonymous, and recipients can return the surveys in a postage-paid envelope or complete an online version in English or Spanish.

The survey results will be available on the county’s website in spring 2019 and will be discussed at a public Board of Supervisors workshop.

Survey topics include questions about quality of life, local policies, demographics, affordable housing, emergency preparedness equity in county programs and policies, climate change, investing in county infrastructure and the ratings of local government services. An open-ended question will ask residents to list the biggest priority the county should address over the next two years.

The cost of the survey is $40,000. National Research Center evaluators will be able to parse the responses by supervisorial district, town or city, monthly housing costs, income, age and or other factors. The survey is expected to have less than a 5 percent margin of error.

Story originally published by Bay City News.