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Per-pupil funding for California schools is not the same for every county or even every district. While the state government provides funding to schools based on the Local Control Funding Formula, that amount is supplemented by local taxes and bonds, creating a disparity between the haves and the have-nots.1. Marin — $13,4302. San Mateo — $12,7733. Napa — $12,3944. Santa Clara — $12,3075. San Francisco — $12,1486. Sonoma — $12,0807. Alameda — $11,8328. Contra Costa — $11,0319. Solano — $10,382All but Contra Costa and Solano counties have higher per-pupil spending than the statewide average of $11,548, largely because most local funding for schools comes from property taxes, and property values are high in the region.

Countywide figures also mask districts within each county with an especially high or low spending amount per student. For example, Marin County’s San Rafael City Elementary School District has a per-pupil average of $10,981, while Vallejo City Unified in Solano County has a per-pupil average of $12,121.

Source: California Department of Education

Daniel J. Willis