Photo by Jonathan Mast on Unsplash
Did you know there’s a goat census?

And this census doesn’t just count goats. Every five years the Department of Agriculture conducts a livestock census to get an accurate count of farm animals in the United States. According to the most recently published count, in 2012, the goat population in the Bay Area numbered nearly 20,000.#1. Sonoma – 9,747 goats#2. Solano – 3,753 goats#3. Marin – 3,185 goats#4. Napa – 1,319 goats#5. Santa Clara – 638 goats#6. Alameda – 229 goats#7. San Mateo – 99 goats#8. Contra Costa – N/A#9. San Francisco – N/ASan Francisco and Contra Costa counties had too few to make the official record; as in the human census small numbers are suppressed. Of the rest, Sonoma has far and away the most with more than two and a half times as many goats as second place Solano County.

Source: USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service

Daniel J. Willis