When you think of the Bay Area, a lot of things could come to mind: the tech industry, cable cars, protests, expensive houses. Generally cows don’t make that list.

Perceptions aside, an estimated 227,800 cows reside in the nine Bay Area counties, Where are they all hiding?#1. Sonoma – 85,000 cows#2. Solano – 49,000 cows#3. Marin – 36,500 cows#4. Contra Costa – 21,000 cows#5. Alameda – 14,600 cows#6. Santa Clara – 13,200 cows#7. Napa – 8,500 cows#8. San Mateo – Not enough data#9. San Francisco – Not enough dataSan Francisco and San Mateo have too few cows to accurately estimate — an apartment in the city big enough to house cattle would probably be too expensive after all — but the North Bay makes up for it with 179,000 between the four counties.

SourceUSDA National Agricultural Statistics Service