A long commute is a daily hassle for much of the Bay Area, but who has it the worst? Here are the average minutes of commute for residents in the nine Bay Area counties, according to the latest update to census data.1. Contra Costa – 36.2 Minutes2. San Francisco – 32.4 Minutes3. Alameda – 31.6 Minutes4. Marin – 31 Minutes5. Solano – 30.8 Minutes6. San Mateo – 27.6 Minutes7. Santa Clara – 27.2 Minutes8. Sonoma – 25 Minutes9. Napa – 23.9 MinutesContra Costa, with commuters launching from as far away as Brentwood, is a clear first place. You may be surprised, however, to find San Franciscans less than four minutes behind as they slog through urban congestion and head to tech campuses outside the city, as counted by the American Community Survey, which is an update to the 10-year census data.

Also surprising is that the Bay Area is near the state average of 28.4 minutes and not too much higher than the national average of 26.1 minutes.

Source: US Census Bureau ACS table DP03