Preparing for wildfires in the Bay Area

Wildfires in the Bay Area are inevitable, but the amount of damage can often be controlled.   Cal Fire experts say most of the live-saving measures are done ahead of time, especially by residents.  So where should residents, especially those in high-risk areas, start in terms of wildfire preparations?   When time is a luxury, residents are…

Map of Active Fires

Screenshot of the Cal Fire map of active wildfires, taken on August 6, 2021.

Map of Air Quality

Screenshot of the AirNow map of fire and smoke, taken on August 6, 2021.

ALERT Wildfire Cameras

ALERT Wildfire is a network of over 700 cameras that are set to survey areas in California and beyond to monitor for smoke and wildfires in fire-prone regions. Check out the network of cameras, which update with photos snapped every ten seconds.

North Bay Cameras

South & East Bay Cameras

Central Coast Cameras

Power Outages

Be prepared for power outages around the Bay Area by making use of PG&E’s alerts, preparation guides, and maps that can help you understand the risk of power outages in your area.

Fire Season News

Wildfires have been devastating for Bay Area communities in the last few years with tremendous loss of life, property and forests. Scientists, fire officials and local leaders worry that climate change and dry conditions are setting us up for another dangerous season. We track the trends and provide news you can use here.

Fire Hazard Severity Zones

Fire Hazard Severity Zones, or FHSZ, are a way to map significant fire hazards according to risk factors including fuels, terrain, and weather. This CAL Fire visual displays FHSZ in California, and by clicking the binoculars icon to use the “Zoom to Address” feature, you can check out the fire risk in your area.

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