Continuing on a 70-year tradition, the St. Anthony’s Foundation served nearly 3,000 warm meals in the heart of the Tenderloin neighborhood on Thanksgiving Day.

From 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., 80 volunteers helped hand out heaps of beloved foods that will be on the tables of millions of Americans for the holiday. It took 2,000 pounds of turkey, 1,800 pounds of mashed potatoes, 500 pounds of green beans, 120 gallons of gravy and 228 pumpkin pies to get the job done.

“While the number of meals we’ll serve this Thanksgiving Day is impressive, what’s most important to remember is that we are providing hope, joy and community for those experiencing homelessness or poverty,” said Nils Behnke, St. Anthony’s CEO.

Behnke reminded residents that St. Anthony’s dining room is a place to gather at all times of the year. The organization hopes to be a bridge for residents facing homelessness and addiction to find services like medical care, job training and clothing.

More information on St. Anthony’s efforts can be found online.