The Bay Area Air Quality management District will use $8.33 million in state grant money to help qualifying Bay Area residents replace polluting vehicles with more environmentally friendly options. (Photo by Freepik)

Officials with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District announced Wednesday that the organization will relaunch its program to financially support residents in polluted areas seeking to buy a clean air vehicle.

More than $8 million will be available via the Clean Cars for All program for residents living in parts of the Bay Area that are disproportionately affected by air pollution and drive vehicles made before 2006 that worsen the region’s air quality.

Qualified residents can receive up to $9,500 to purchase a new or used hybrid, electric or fuel cell vehicle, a transit card or an e-bike. The program will also offer grants of up to $2,000 to buy at-home charging equipment and have it installed.

“Not only is transportation the largest source of air pollution in the region, it accounts for 40 percent of our greenhouse gas emissions,” Santa Clara County Supervisor and BAAQMD Board Chair Cindy Chavez said, adding that more than 90 percent of Californians live in areas with unhealthy air quality.

The BAAQMD originally launched the Clean Cars for All program in March 2019 and recently received $8.33 million from the California Air Resources Board to allocate toward the program.

To be eligible, applicants must have a household income below $51,000 for a single person or below $106,000 for a family of four; a car, truck or sports utility vehicle that weighs under 10,000 pounds and is model year 2005 or older; and the vehicle must have been registered in California for at least two years.

Eligible Bay Area residents can visit for information about how to apply for the program.