The Harvest Moon rises over the Mt. Diablo foothills and downtown Concord, Calif., on Monday, September 20, 2021. (Ray Saint Germain/Bay City News)

If you missed the Harvest Moon, the fourth full moon of summer on Monday night, no problem.

The moon will rise very near sunset for several nights in a row giving the appearance of a full moon giving us dusk-till-dawn moonlight.

The additional light was quite important to farmers harvesting their summer crops, thus giving the full moon that occurs closet to the autumn equinox the name Harvest Moon.

The Harvest Moon can occur in September or October making it the last full moon of summer or the first full moon of autumn and marks the shortening of days in the Northern Hemisphere.

Whether you’re a farmer trying to get your crops collected or winding down your day, look up and take in a bit of nature’s beauty.

The next full moon, the Hunter’s Moon, will appear on October 20.