Oaklanders will likely face a higher penalty for illegal dumping and other code violations following voter approval of the city’s Measure RR on Tuesday, final unofficial election results show.

Measure RR removes the city’s limit of $1,000 for illegal dumping that has been in existence since 1968. The measure did not establish a new limit.

The new fine limit will be set by the City Council following a public hearing. Council members placed the measure on the ballot and it passed with 59.7% of the vote after requiring just a majority to pass.

“Illegal dumpers and other code violators regularly break the law with impunity knowing that the financial consequences of violating the law are limited,” proponents argued in support of the measure.

The Alameda County Taxpayers Association was opposed to the measure. The group argues that the measure will allow unlimited fines. They argued that the city should instead create a plan for ending illegal dumping.