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Proposition G, which would lower the voting age to 16 years old for San Francisco citywide elections, was just short of the votes needed to passage as of unofficial results late Tuesday.

According to the latest numbers, just over 50% of the voters voted against Prop G. The measure needed a majority of votes to pass.

If confirmed to have been defeated, it would mark the second time San Francisco voters have voted against lowering the voting age for local elections.

Back in November 2016, Proposition F also sought to allow voters over the age of 16, so long as they were U.S. citizens and registered to vote, to participate in city elections. Fifty-two percent of voters, however, voted against that measure.

The measure was backed by the San Francisco Youth Commission, which has argued that because teens are impacted by issues like education, transportation, and housing, they deserve to have a say in the voting process.