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The latest public health developments around the region as of Tuesday evening include:

In an effort to address a growing need for mental health and addiction care, a bill was introduced on Monday in the state assembly to develop a minimum staffing requirement for behavioral health emergencies in California hospitals.

Introduced by Assemblymember Matt Haney, D-San Francisco, Assembly Bill 1001 would reportedly ensure there is enough qualified staff available in all units of a hospital to promptly assist those experiencing mental health and addiction crises.

The bill would require hospitals to have the following immediately available for hospital patients outside of psychiatric units: at least two psychiatric registered nurses and one trained staff member, as well as a staff member capable of caring for a patient’s psychosocial needs.

The California Department of Health Care Access and Information cited that in 2020, people with behavioral health diagnoses made up one-third of all inpatient hospital admissions.

But despite the need, there is currently no mandate on the amount of behavioral health staff members available to care for these patients, which has often resulted in long wait times.

As of Tuesday, at 5:30 p.m., officials have confirmed the following number of COVID-19 cases around the greater Bay Area region:

Alameda County: 382,623 cases, 2,205 deaths (382,234 cases, 2,197 deaths on Friday) (Totals include Berkeley Health Department data)

Contra Costa County: 296,502 cases, 1,568 deaths (296,260 cases, 1,564 deaths on Friday)

Marin County: 49,333 cases, 317 deaths (49,333 cases, 317 deaths on Friday)

Monterey County: 99,836 cases, 831 deaths (99,831 cases, 831 deaths on Friday)

Napa County: 34,636 cases, 195 deaths (34,636 cases, 195 deaths on Friday)

San Francisco County: 196,364 cases, 1,174 deaths (196,028 cases, 1,173 deaths on Friday)

San Joaquin County: 210,729 cases, 2,414 deaths (210,729 cases, 2,414 deaths on Friday)

San Mateo County: 184,001 cases, 912 deaths (184,001 cases, 912 deaths on Friday)

Santa Clara County: 478,741 cases, 2,707 deaths (478,452 cases, 2,707 deaths on Friday)

Santa Cruz County: 68,778 cases, 276 deaths (68,646 cases, 276 deaths on Friday)

Solano County: 118,904 cases, 441 deaths (118,904 cases, 441 deaths on Friday)

Sonoma County: 114,987 cases, 548 deaths (114,893 cases, 548 deaths on Friday)

Statewide: 11,162,835 cases, 100,799 deaths (11,162,835 cases, 100,799 deaths on Friday)

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