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The latest developments around the region related to COVID-19 as of Wednesday evening include:

Napa County’s economy is unlikely to return to its pre-pandemic growth rate in the next two years as the county grapples with global economic instability and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a Sonoma State University economist said Tuesday.

The economic environment in Napa County is unlikely to match pre-pandemic levels until after the 2024 election at the earliest, according to Sonoma State economics professor Robert Eyler, who presented an economic outlook to the county’s Board of Supervisors.

Ongoing global and domestic economic issues like inflation are unlikely to fully go away before 2024, Eyler said, while travel and tourism to the county have rebounded somewhat but continue to lag behind pre-pandemic levels.

Business travel to Napa County in particular is not projected to reach and exceed pre-pandemic levels until 2025 at the earliest, while leisure travel may recover as soon as this year.

“The business side is what’s killing California in terms of getting back to pre-pandemic levels of visitors,” Eyler said. “We just have not had the business demand to come to California.”

As of Wednesday, at 5:30 p.m., officials have confirmed the following number of COVID-19 cases around the greater Bay Area region:

Alameda County: 374,983 cases, 2,143 deaths (374,870 cases, 2,138 deaths on Tuesday) (Totals include Berkeley Health Department data)

Contra Costa County: 290,336 cases, 1,522 deaths (290,248 cases, 1,522 deaths on Tuesday)

Marin County: 47,589 cases, 301 deaths (47,584 cases, 301 deaths on Tuesday) (Totals include San Quentin State Prison)

Monterey County: 98,443 cases, 815 deaths (98,443 cases, 815 deaths on Tuesday)

Napa County: 33,924 cases, 182 deaths (33,924 cases, 182 deaths on Tuesday)

San Francisco County: 192,198 cases, 1,142 deaths (192,129 cases, 1,142 deaths on Tuesday)

San Joaquin County: 207,828 cases, 2,381 deaths (207,756 cases, 2,381 deaths on Tuesday)

San Mateo County: 181,943 cases, 893 deaths (181,943 cases, 893 deaths on Tuesday)

Santa Clara County: 469,236 cases, 2,622 deaths (468,792 cases, 2,622 deaths on Tuesday)

Santa Cruz County: 67,486 cases, 276 deaths (67,486 cases, 276 deaths on Tuesday)

Solano County: 117,081 cases, 441 deaths (117,081 cases, 441 deaths on Tuesday)

Sonoma County: 113,240 cases, 532 deaths (113,184 cases, 532 deaths on Tuesday)

Statewide: 10,996,443 cases, 98,800 deaths (10,996,443 cases, 98,800 deaths on Tuesday)

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