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The latest developments around the region related to the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, as of Wednesday evening include:

The Campbell City Council could take action next month on a proposed semi-permanent parklet system that would replace the temporary system currently in place.

Parklets have been a popular solution to restaurants and their patrons during the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants could remain open while providing diners with space to socially distance in an open-air setting.

The semi-permanent parklets could cost between $75,000-$90,000, depending on what options the restaurants might want to add.

That’s a price that has left many restaurateurs with sticker shock, with many saying that they might not want to consider participating without significant subsidies from either the city or their landlords.

As of Wednesday, at 5:30 p.m., officials have confirmed the following number of cases around the greater Bay Area region:

Alameda County: 347,603 cases, 2,026 deaths (347,407 cases, 2,025 deaths on Tuesday) (Totals include Berkeley Health Department data)

Contra Costa County: 269,543 cases, 1,432 deaths (269,312 cases, 1,428 deaths on Tuesday)

Marin County: 44,637 cases, 294 deaths (44,601 cases, 294 deaths on Tuesday) (Totals include San Quentin State Prison)

Monterey County: 95,238 cases, 783 deaths (95,238 cases, 783 deaths on Tuesday)

Napa County: 32,178 cases, 174 deaths (32,178 cases, 174 deaths on Tuesday)

San Francisco County: 177,806 cases, 1,039 deaths (176,516 cases, 1,031 deaths on Tuesday)

San Joaquin County: 197,298 cases, 2,311 deaths (197,205 cases, 2,311 deaths on Tuesday)

San Mateo County: 169,731 cases, 830 deaths (169,731 cases, 830 deaths on Tuesday)

Santa Clara County: 432,425 cases, 2,478 deaths (431,954 cases, 2,478 deaths on Tuesday)

Santa Cruz County: 62,937 cases, 273 deaths (62,937 cases, 273 deaths on Tuesday)

Solano County: 109,407 cases, 438 deaths (109,407 cases, 438 deaths on Tuesday)

Sonoma County: 107,487 cases, 516 deaths (107,352 cases, 516 deaths on Tuesday)

Statewide: 10,384,673 cases, 95,009 deaths (10,384,673 cases, 95,009 deaths on Tuesday)

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