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The latest developments around the region related to the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, as of Wednesday evening include:

Despite COVID-19 case numbers creeping back up in some areas of the country as the holidays approach, Contra Costa County continues to make steady progress, health officials told the county Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

But county health services director Anna Roth added a cautionary note.

“We have seen that progress slow in the last few days and we are starting to see some stabilization and even just a little rise in our hospital numbers,” Roth said. “Again, though, I want to talk about the progress.

“We’re seeing lots of the progress we’re having because so many of our residents are choosing to get vaccinated, both for the first time and with booster doses.”

Roth said more than 500 county residents per day are getting their first dose, and 53 percent of eligible seniors have received their booster. Since becoming eligible earlier this month, 26 percent of eligible Contra Costa children ages 5 to 11 have received their first dose.

As of Wednesday, at 5:30 p.m., officials have confirmed the following number of cases around the greater Bay Area region:

Alameda County: 121,818 cases, 1,494 deaths (121,762 cases, 1,491 deaths on Tuesday) (Totals include Berkeley Health Department data)

Contra Costa County: 101,422 cases, 1,046 deaths (101,330 cases, 1,046 deaths on Tuesday)

Marin County: 18,054 cases, 226 deaths (18,026 cases, 225 deaths on Tuesday) (Totals include San Quentin State Prison)

Monterey County: 49,561 cases, 631 deaths (49,516 cases, 631 deaths on Tuesday)

Napa County: 13,290 cases, 105 deaths (13,288 cases, 105 deaths on Tuesday)

San Francisco County: 53,726 cases, 670 deaths (53,668 cases, 670 deaths on Tuesday)

San Joaquin County: 102,177 cases, 1,837 deaths (102,001 cases, 1,837 deaths on Tuesday)

San Mateo County: 54,101 cases, 627 deaths (54,063 cases, 627 deaths on Tuesday)

Santa Clara County: 150,302 cases, 1,897 deaths (150,099 cases, 1,897 deaths on Tuesday)

Santa Cruz County: 20,864 cases, 222 deaths (20,864 cases, 222 deaths on Tuesday)

Solano County: 46,700 cases, 325 deaths (46,612 cases, 325 deaths on Tuesday)

Sonoma County: 42,482 cases, 412 deaths (42,405 cases, 412 deaths on Tuesday)

Statewide: 4,780,867 cases, 73,365 deaths (4,777,804 cases, 73,214 deaths on Tuesday)

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